How It Started

With all that’s going on with the world right now, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and out of place at times.

There’s so much happening right now: The pandemic, economic slowdown, CAA-NRC, the BLM movement and so on.

But where does a very average Indian guy like me fit in this dynamic world? Do my opinions or beliefs even matter?

My brain told me, “No, they don’t doofus.”

Then I said, “Well, maybe they don’t but it still doesn’t change the fact that I have opinions of my own. Really strong opinions.”

I had a lot to say about what was going on around me in the world and I had to get them all out.

So, I started writing a journal in my spare time.

Till one day my girlfriend (Who’s a Full Stack Developer & can also create beautiful personalized blogs for you. See below!) created a blog for me and that’s how it started.

And now I rant about random things on the internet. Really cool, huh? LOL #sorrynotsorry

My First Blog..

Sushant Singh Rajput, Social Media and Mental Illness

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